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Gambling Guide in Canada

If you’re interested in some features which are related to legal gambling in Canada or your province, you came to the right place. Here with our gambling guide you will receive the answers to many of your questions, including the following:

  • How to register with a gambling site
  • The best payment methods to use
  • Which tips and tricks can improve the gambling process 

How to register on a gambling website in Canada

Choosing a casino

The first step is to pick an online casino that is right for you. Every casino site we suggest is totally trustworthy and reliable for gambling in Canada.

Open an account

Then, select a name for your account and submit some general personal details including documents such as a scanned ID, utility bill, bank statement or credit card.

Place a deposit

Choose a banking option at the casino cashier and enter the required information to make your first deposit. Exactly at this time you can also redeem your welcome bonus and enjoy its advantages.

Use your device to play

The freedom to gamble online on your mobile phone or computer is now yours. All the leading online casinos provide mobile apps or sites that can be launched from devices like iPhone, iPad or Android.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Canada?

Region Minimum Gambling Age Number of Land Casinos
Alberta 18 27
British Columbia 19 17
Calgary 18 7
Manitoba 18 8
Montreal 18 1
New Brunswick 19 6
Newfoundland and Labrador 19 2
NW Territories 19 0
Nova Scotia 19 11
Ontario 19 3
Ottawa 18 73
Prince Edward Island 19 1
Quebec 18 10
Saskatchewan 19 8
Toronto 19 4
Vancouver 19 6
Yukon 19 1

Common ways to pay for gambling

Among the most widely used methods of paying for online gambling are credit or debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Additionally, you have the option of using e-wallets such as PayPal and Neteller, and prepaid cards that enable you to preload your card with cash and deposit it straight into your online account.

How to transact in online gambling

  1. After you register an account, head to the cashier and then select your desired payment method to complete your first deposit.
  2. Then, fill in the requested information: your credit card number, the name on the card or your PayPal email address.
  3. Select the amount you want to deposit and finally approve the transaction.
  4. Assuming all the details are accurate, the money will be transferred to your account immediately via the majority of payment methods.

Advice and recommendations for online gambling

  • Train for free of charge. Initially, play online for free to familiarize yourself with the games without risking real cash.
  • Great bonus offers. Take advantage of our reviews to discover the absolute best welcome bonuses.
  • The low house edge games. Blackjack, baccarat and video poker have the lowest house edge stakes compared to other table games. Therefore, your overall chances of winning are higher.
  • Look for a high RTP percentage. Slots all come with their own RTP (return to player) rates, which are supposed to be in the high 90% range. So the higher the RTP, the more likely you are to win.
  • Wagering on sports demands skill. While most board games don’t require any specific skills, sports betting is an entirely another game. Through the proper study and awareness, you can significantly increase your overall perspectives of winning.

Is your gambling profit being taxed in Canada?

Speaking about gambling tax in Canada, it seems always better to discuss all the aspects with a specialist consultant. According to actual Canadian legislation, if you are not a gambling operator, you will most likely not be taxed.

One exception is when you earn your money for living by gambling, like a professional poker player. At this point, your prizes are taxed at regular income tax rates. However, gambling just for pleasure, your winnings won’t be charged to tax.

Things to be done when gambling turns into a problem

In fact, gambling can be a dangerous addiction which may destroy your usual lifestyle as well as social interactions. Once the feeling of anxiety appears and you start thinking that quitting gambling is becoming a problem, please visit our special page dedicated to problem gambling or check out any of the following resources:

Problem Gambling – An organization in Ontario that provides support to gamblers in need.

Gambling Problem Helpline – a hotline for Canadian gamblers in need of consultation. You can access it by calling 1-866-332-2322.

Responsible Gambling – a website dedicated to helping Canadian gamblers who find themselves unable to stop gambling.

Furthermore, each Canadian province has its own Liquor and Gaming Commission website with all the information on responsible gambling.

Frequently asked questions about online gambling (FAQ)

Online gambling is the playing of classic casino games such as poker, baccarat, roulette, slots and more via a website. In fact, many more game options and offers can be found across the internet than in land-based casinos. Additionally, sports betting plays an essential role in online gambling.

For the best all-round gambling experience, our number one recommended online casino is Jackpot City. For sports betting in particular, Betway Sports is the top choice.

In the majority of Canadian provinces, regions or cities you must be at least 19 years old, with the exception of Alberta, Calgary, Manitoba, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec where the legal age to gamble is 18.

Memorize few tips you can use to increase your chances of winning at online slots:

  • Bet lower sums on each spin
  • Choose games with high payout rates
  • Play only on reputable and trusted sites
  • Do not play beyond your financial capabilities

Yes. Under Canadian law, online sports betting is regarded as legal gambling.

The material on this page is provided as a general guide. It does not provide tax or legal advice and should not be used as such. Readers should ask for official financial and legal advice from an independent provider if they have any questions related to online gambling activities.

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