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Gaming industry is constantly changing, therefore some new types of games appear and become popular among players’ audience. If you prefer to have the communication during the process of entertainment, you should try live dealer casino for sure. With live dealers, players are instantly transported either to a first-class recording studio or, in some cases, with the most elite offerings, to a real casino.

Live Dealer Casino Sites

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What Is A Live Dealer Casino Game?

Live dealer casino is an up-to-date alternative to offline casino with many advantages. You are certainly able to play from any place, wherever you are. But like in a real casino, the dealers communicate with the players, providing the support and giving answers to their questions. It feels like you are transported to the top casino because of unique features:  live gameplay in real time, chat with others players, opportunity to play against real people or even the dealer.

When people decide to make the first attempt to gamble online for real money, most players are surprised by the real experience.

How Do Canada Online Casinos With A Live Dealer Work?

You could ask: «How is it done?»
The answer to this question consists of many factors. Firstly, Real Dealer Baccarat, Real Dealer Poker, Real Dealer Roulette or Real Dealer Blackjack and other real games take place in a studio with a professional live dealer. The website offers real streaming games using HD technology. You can bet the same way you would in a real casino, but there’s a difference: no one knows your identity, you can do it at any time of the day, and you can even bet from your phone. You can download live casino apps for real money or access mobile versions of the sites through your smartphone browser.

Many players believe that fraud is common in online casino gambling. This is nothing less as a myth! No, the cards are not ordered in favor of the dealer. No, the roulette wheel will not be unbalanced so that the dice fall on certain numbers. Misconceptions exist for regular casinos as well, and so far they are just myths.

Independent licensing agencies monitor these sites. If you see that they are licensed and have received good reviews in the online gambling community, so everything is all right.
But you still need to look for a reliable site that offers real-time gambling. There’s real money at stake, so you can’t risk anymore. Save the risk for real games.
Real time gambling is popular because of all the excitement and thrills you get when you play, as well as the great experiences that increase your chances of winning, and you can be assured that it’s private. You can communicate with the players.

What Are The Advantages Of Live Dealer Casinos?

Real time gambling is popular because of all the excitement and thrills you get when you play, as well as the great experiences that increase your chances of winning, and you can be assured that it’s private. You can communicate with the players.

There are a lot of advantages of live casino and here are a few of them. As was said earlier, you can play with a live dealer anywhere and anytime. It’s easy to access the online casino when you’re driving to work, before you go to bed, or during a break at work – it’s up to you. 

The next benefit is the fact that you remain absolutely anonymous. No need to dress up and go to a real casino when you can play online.

Certainly, you play for real money and you have a chance to win real big money. That’s why it’s so exciting and intriguing.

There are no doubts in safety. You can be sure – we offer secure way to play anywhere. And you still need to take into the account its convenience. You can also use your mobile device and enjoy your game anytime you want.

However, some disadvantages also take place in this games. 

One of the most affective is that online gambling can be highly addictive. When you have an app on your phone and it constantly sends notifications, you will be prompted to bet all the time. It is important to develop a system to prevent addiction. For example, you can set a maximum weekly deposit and never exceed it under any circumstances. The good old rule of online gambling is: don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Live Dealer Casino Bonuses 

Among all other casinos, Live Dealer Casino is especially distinguished by its awesome atmosphere of real land-based establishment, however players can rejoice it just from their homes. Remarkably, in such places you can often get additional benefits in the form of Live Casino Bonuses. In fact, this opens up a lot of roads and, being a good opportunity to test the game and see how it corresponds to the claims. 

In further analysis, you will learn everything about bonuses at Live Dealer Casino: from types to terms of use. So, stay here and master your knowledge.

Types Of Bonuses In Live Dealer Casino

Practically, every casino tends to create something new and unique in order to attract players, frequently it concerns exactly the topic of bonuses and promotions. Nevertheless, all these offers, as a rule, come in the same forms, which are under our close inspection. 

Welcome Bonus. As the name suggests, this type is characterized by its purpose to invite new visitors to the site, and then to make them leave at the site. But there is no need to worry – their usage can be useful for players too. All you need to do is to sign up at the Live Dealer Casino and to examine attentively all the rules and demands of a certain bonus. If everything suits you, don’t lose your time and hurry to begin the game with additional advantages.  

Reload Bonus. Unlike the previous type, here you need to deposit your own money to get a bonus. The amount of the bonus will depend on the size of the deposit, as a percentage. Also, this variety can easily be enjoyed every month or even every week, depending on the requirements.

Cashback Bonus. Casino refunds – isn’t that what all players fantasize about? Using this bonus, it becomes a reality, as a certain percentage of your lost money goes back to you. 

Rewards. Most often, this offer is offered in the form of a promotion. The player can choose a task to complete, after which he receives rewards and prizes in the form of money to the account, freespins, or other goodies. 

Tournaments. For those who like to compete for steep prizes provided the opportunity to participate in tournaments. The prize pool in such events can reach millions of dollars, so it’s hard to find a more impressive offer.

Well, Live Casino Bonuses help a lot in order to achieve the desired results. Combined with a lively dealer experience, bonuses only add to the overall picture and boost your bankroll so that you can enjoy the games for much longer without wasting your reserves. 

Live Dealer Casino Games

Even if you are keen on online slots, it can be difficult to ignore table games. Online live dealer developers realize the fame of classic casino games are and have designed live dealer versions of blackjack, poker, craps, pai gow, baccarat, roulette, dice and many other games.

Here are some key points about popular live casino games:

Blackjack With Live Dealer

It seems like one of the most popular table games in casinos around the world, blackjack has moved seamlessly into live casinos. Our casino recommendations offer access to a range of live blackjack tables with or without side bets: traditional blackjack, power blackjack, party blackjack, blackjack with free bets and many other types are available at the best live casinos.

For instance, in live blackjack, you play directly against the dealer and try to get a hand that is bigger than the dealer’s hand, but not to beat 21. Some live blackjack games offer different extra bets, insurance and other gameplay traits. 

Online Roulette With Live Dealer

Live Roulette is probably the most popular game of all casino times which works great with video streaming now. While betting on roulette can be risky, the simplicity of the game at starting levels makes it ideal for casino newbies. Fast and exciting, roulette becomes even more incredible when played with a live dealer at an online casino.

Although roulette is a simple game built on luck, it is also surprisingly addictive. You can follow complicated betting patterns and use casino strategy to increase your chances of success. But you can also test your luck with perhaps the best casino game, single number wager. Other classic roulette bets include red or black.

There are few variations of roulette, including American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette.

Live Dealer Casino Baccarat

In Live Baccarat you can really see how important the dealer is. Live baccarat can be confusing at first, particularly for new players. Fortunately, you have a live casino dealer to do all the hard work for you. In fact, the dealer takes care of all the details, which means you just have to decide which hand to choose: the Bank hand or the Player hand. Therefore, Baccarat is played directly against a live dealer.

All cards in baccarat are valued in points. Cards from two to nine have a numerical value in points. Tens and face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings) don’t have value, and Aces bring one point. Baccarat rounds can finish in a draw. Or they can be won by either the highest-scoring player or a banker.

Hold’em Live Dealer Casino

Following the example of popular Texas Hold’em poker, Casino Hold’em takes place of one of the most popular live casino games, and some of the best live casinos offer Hold’em tables, such as Live Ultimate Texas Hold’Em. This is one of the classic poker games that most people are acquainted with.

It is the variation of Texas Hold’em that has become mainstream poker. On the other side, Casino Hold’em is slightly different because it is played just against the dealer. The player must place a wager on each hand.


In the past, most live dealer games were broadcasted from land-based casinos. Nowadays, some land-based casinos host live dealer games, but this is rare. Instead, online casinos use special studios to stream their game studios. Live dealer studios are equipped with the latest cameras, sets and streaming technology needed to provide the best possible experience.

Live dealer studios are purpose-built facilities similar to a movie set, usually in a building owned by the game developer. Most developers have studios in Riga, Latvia. However, there are studios in other cities around the world as well.

In terms of table choices, live dealer games are similar to any other casino games. You can find a variety of live dealer games, types and tables with high or low stakes. Enter the live dealer lobby at any of our recommended casinos. Each live dealer game will have all of the information clearly stated.

Yes. Every casino we review and recommend is regulated by the Canadian Gaming Association, so their live dealer games meet the strict standards of the regulatory body.

No. All of the live dealer games in the casinos we recommend are certified and tested by the Canadian Gaming Association and independent testing bodies to ensure fairness and honesty. We only recommend reputable casinos that meet these standards. Thus, live dealer games are never tampered with. And even if they were, the fact that you see the game live at the providers is an additional guarantee.

There is no pause during a live dealer game because it happens in real time with other players. The table will progress with the game in your absence. Any bets you make will be calculated as normal, and the next time you connect, any money you win will appear in your casino account.

No. You can see the dealer, but they will not see you. They can only communicate with the players.

No, you cannot play live dealer games in demo mode as they are not available for free. It is best to familiarize yourself with the games and then switch to live dealer games.

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