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Right here you’ll find everything you need for playing bingo successfully: from learning how to play this timeless classic game to discovering the finest online casinos to play bingo for real money.

Online Bingo Sites

  • 🎱 Explore the best online bingo casinos suitable for players of all levels.
  • 🤑 Learn about various bingo game variations and how to play them.
  • 💰 Discover exclusive bingo bonuses and promotions to boost your winnings.
  • 🔒 Learn about secure and user-friendly online bingo platforms.
  • 🌟 Get expert tips on how to increase your chances of winning in online bingo.

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How To Start Playing Bingo Online

The following is a comprehensive breakdown of all the information you would need to be aware of the process of playing bingo online. Starting from registering on a bingo casino site to discovering the rules, strategies and expert tips – all the aspects are introduced below:

How do I register with a bingo site?

  • Head to the bingo site of your choice from our recommended list
  • Click on the ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ button
  • Enter the required personal info and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Make your first deposit and receive your welcome bonus
  • Begin playing online bingo for real money

The Rules Of Playing Bingo Online

In fact, the game of bingo is quite simple, all the rules are as follows:

  1. Choose a bingo game
  2. Purchase your ticket(s)
  3. Listen to the numbers being called and mark the matching numbers on your card
  4. Use the chat room to communicate with other players
  5. If you come up with a winning combination, call out “house” (online bingo often does this automatically)
  6. Start again from the very beginning

Bingo Strategies To Improve Your Results

The Grenville Strategy

This strategy was created by Joseph E. Grenville, an American financial writer, on the basis of playing the odds in bingo games. Assuming a 75-ball bingo game where each ball has a 1/75 chance of being picked, Grenville estimates that on average 60% of the first 10 balls drawn will have different last numbers.

This is quite a logical thing: once 15 balls have been drawn, there are fewer balls ending in 5 left to be drawn. Thus, the smartest way to play, according to Grenville, is to have a card with as wide a range of different last digits as you can get, along with an equivalent number of odd and even numbers, and an equal number of higher and lower numbers.

But according to online bingo rules, as you rarely get to choose your own card numbers, this method has some difficulties.

Tippett’s Strategy

Another strategy was proposed by Leonard Tippett, a British statistician. He supposed that in a single 75-ball bingo game, the more balls are called, the more chances that the numbers will be nearer to the median number (38 in 75 balls). When there are fewer balls, the numbers called are more reasonable to be related to either of the edge numbers (1 and 75), according to Tippett’s theory.

However, we don’t know exactly the duration of the game. Thus, Tippett applies analysis here, suggesting that a straight line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) takes the shortest amount of time, while more complicated games with patterns frequently require more time to complete.

The problem we face again here is the incapability of selecting numbers in online bingo.

Strategy With Multiple Cards

This kind of strategy is found in land-based bingo places, but now it has grown in prominence online, and it involves simply playing multiple bingo cards at the same time.

It distributes the chances of winning patterns over a larger number of cards and as long as you play in less packed rooms, your possibilities to win can be boosted even further.

Here you won’t meet the complicated math of Granville and Tippett, but for players of online bingo, the easiest way is often considered as the best one.

Top 5 Tips For Winning At Bingo Online

  • Choose online bingo rooms with a smaller number of players
  • Play several cards at once to diversify your chances
  • Pick a strategy that works for you
  • Look for games with low ticket prices and big jackpots
  • Never wager the amount of real money which you can’t afford to lose

Bingo Bonuses 

It’s no big secret that bonuses are a great way to get out in the game of chance without spending your own money. Bingo bonuses perform the same function, allowing players to get extra funds in their account, cashback, or other useful options. Therefore, we suggest you get a good command of how bonuses in Bingo work, which types they present and how to use them in your gaming experience. 

Types Of Bonuses

Sign-Up Bonuses

Bingo platforms arrange for sign-up bonuses as an incentive for joining their site. Their peculiarity is that they are offered only when making the first deposit, although they may consist of several parts. The most common offers are where a certain piece of your deposit equals a specified amount (as an example – 100% bonus up to $500). 

No-Deposit Bingo Bonuses

As you might have already guessed, using this bonus, the player does not need to make a deposit in order to start the game. That is, starting the game in Bingo, the user receives the amount in the account, which he can dispose of at his discretion. This is a great way to learn the rules and flow of the game. 

Cashback Bonus

It’s hard to do without losing at the casino, because that’s how the system works. However, using the bonus in the form of cashback, the player can get a certain percentage of the lost games, in some cases even up to 50%. This will allow you to turn your weaknesses into strengths. 

Reload Bonus

This type is commonly favored by regular players, as reload bonuses are an opportunity to be rewarded for funding your game account. The figures here are quite significant – from 50 to 100% of the amount you deposit. This way the casino is trying to keep you there, but you can use it to your advantage.

Loyalty program

VIP-program or loyalty program is present in almost every game platform in different varieties and schemes. What seems to be similar is that everything is based on a system of accumulative points, which helps you reach different levels and, as a result, earn rewards. It is certainly not worth missing out on the opportunity to participate here, because the prizes are very energizing.  

In addition to the above types, there are also holiday bonuses (for birthdays, for example), bonuses for inviting a friend, bonuses for providing their email or social networks, and many others. 


Keep in mind: bonuses should not be overlooked. When you get to a new gaming site, check the bonus system right away. What’s more, study the rules and usage requirements carefully to get the maximum benefit without any unexpected troubles. Following this, bonuses will become your best friend and helper in the world of gambling. 

The Key Versions Of Online Bingo

90-Ball Bingo

No doubt, 90-ball bingo can be called a golden variation and it’s still the most widely spread one, which is played on a 9×3 card with 15 of the 27 positions carrying a number.

The game goal is to collect a full house (tick all the numbers on your bingo card), but there are typically prizes for one and two lines as well.

75 Ball Bingo

Bingo with 75 balls is the most commonly played bingo game in the United States, being played on 5×5 cards. In the majority of games, all positions are numbered, whereas some leave a three in the middle square.

75-ball bingo is also frequently played in patterns, with two lines or an X-shape across the card leading to a win or even a full house.

80 Ball Bingo

Here you can notice the absence of the connection between the previous two, but 80-ball bingo includes a number of possible ways to win.

One line and four corners are the most basic and widespread wins, and marking the entire card with 4×4 numbers leads to a full house victory.

30 Ball Bingo

This type is often referred to as speed bingo, because 30 ball bingo is a high-octane, quick-paced bingo choice for those who like to get outcomes as quickly as possible.

In this version there is only a single way to become a winner: a full house that fills the 3×3 grid. This often happens quickly as getting 9/30 balls is fairly easy, but it does imply that competition can be pretty intense.

Bingo Offline And Online

Obviously, online bingo on a casino site provides you with the option to play from your mobile device or desktop computer from any place you actually want. However, is it comparable to playing in a bingo hall? 

Offline BingoOnline Bingo
More sense of fellowshipThe possibility to play on your mobile anywhere
More like a stroll at nightGames start constantly
More chilled out gaming experienceFaster games

How We Review Online Bingo Casinos

When it comes to bingo sites, we demand the highest standards. Every site we test must be rated very well in the categories below:

Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Bingo on the move is gaining a huge popularity because of its convenience.  Our choice falls on those sites that offer exciting mobile interfaces and a diverse array of bingo variations for mobile devices.

Game Selection

The sites we select should provide a large selection of games with a lot of options. Games are regularly launched so you can always connect to your preferred game.

Banking Options

Being confident that your finances are in good hands is a key part of success. That’s why we pay special attention to providing several ways of secure deposit and different withdrawal methods.

Fast Payouts

The top online bingo casinos will do everything possible to work on your withdrawal request and ensure that you receive your money in the quickest way.


It’s the most significant aspect for us to make sure of your protection. For it we seek sites with SSL encryption technology, firewalls and other advanced security features.


Yes, online bingo is absolutely legal in Canada as long as the online casino is located offshore. Playing for real money, you only have to know the legal gambling age in your province. There are plenty of ways to play bingo at online casinos, all you need to do is to check our list of recommendations with the top offers.

Online bingo is powered by an online bingo generator, a random number generator (RNG), which allows balls to be drawn in random order during an automated draw. The cards are also chosen by chance to guarantee fair play for everyone.

Certainly, bingo online is a basic game with simple rules. Just log on to your preferred online bingo site, select the game of your choice and purchase your card(s). Afterwards simply wait to see if your numbers will be called. If you get the matching pattern on your bingo card, you will win.

Without any doubts. By playing bingo for real money, you get a chance to win money in the case you succeed in getting a full house or a winning hand on your bingo card.

Yes, for sure. The majority of the best bingo sites in Canada allow you to play free online bingo games. These games are not only excellent for practice, but also for just playing for entertainment and experiencing the atmosphere of the bingo circle thanks to the chat facilities.

No. Online bingo, being provided by licensed and verified companies, uses random number generators to make you sure that all games are completely honest. Moreover, regulatory bodies also verify whether the bingo site is providing fair play to its clients.

The odds in online bingo depend on the quantity of the cards involved. All cards represent the same possibilities of winning. Therefore, having 100 cards in the game, you get 1/100 chance of winning. Nevertheless, if there are 100 cards in the game and you have 10 of them, your chances are reduced to 1/10.

No. Although some online bingo casinos do provide installable bingo apps for Android and iPhone mobile and tablet devices, you may also visit them straight from a web browser. All the sites are generally mobile-friendly in terms of design and navigation.

While playing bingo games on the sites, you may be required to download a flash player, but that’s all.

In order to win at online bingo, you are supposed to align the numbers called with the numbers on your card. The most well-known way to win is to mark all the numbers on your card (a full house). 

In some bingo varieties, other winning layouts such as lines and four corners are also possible.

To decide which game is the best, you should take into account your playing style. If you enjoy a traditional game, 90-ball bingo is a nice option. When you prefer the variety of winning choices, 75-ball bingo might be the most suitable. If you are fond of fast-paced bingo games, then 30 ball bingo is surely what you need.

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