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Texas Hold’em Poker is considered to be the most popular poker game in the world, and its high popularity brings with it a high risk of being cheated by poor-quality sites that provide no fair play. But with our team you can be confident in the best selection of Texas Hold’em online poker sites in Canada which have top-quality sites and software with a large player base that offer cash games, sit & go, as well as many multi-table tournaments.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Texas Hold’em Poker Site

The popularity of Texas Hold’em is so high probably because of its simplicity. However, you should always pay attention to the reliability of the site and how transparent it is for the players. Also be able to choose a table with players of your level and enjoy the game. With such a wide variety of sites, it’s vital to start with an offer that suits your style and level of awareness. We recommend the best sites in Canada for you that allow you to play Texas poker online in the most amazing way.

Poker Hand Rankings

Poker Hands Order From High To Low

How To Play Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold’em seems complicated at first, but it becomes quite easy as soon as you acquire the rhythm and conditions of the game. In other words, while you’re playing, your purpose is to put together the best possible poker hand using the two cards dealt and any three of the five total cards.

Telling more about deals and betting rounds, it must be said that at the beginning of each game, the player is dealt two cards face down. This is known as your «pocket» or «pocket» cards. The dealer will then begin to gradually reveal the five common cards with betting rounds among them.

The deal and betting process in a game of Texas Hold’em poker occurs in the following way:

Each player is dealt two cards, both of them lying face down. Then the betting round starts. The dealer reveals the first three total cards – it’s called the flop. After it there is another betting round. The dealer reveals the fourth total card – this is called the «turn». Again another betting round continues. The hand shows the last total card – it’s known as the «river». Eventually, there is a final round of betting. After all the remaining players have finished their bets, each player reveals his «pocket» cards, and the best poker hand wins the pot.

Rules Of Texas Holdem Poker

One of the most notorious and widespread variations of poker is Texas Hold’em – it is literally played by admirers from all over the world. To discover all the excitement of this game, you must first understand the rules of Texas holdem poker. This knowledge will open up numerous opportunities for you to show your luck, best character traits and ability to handle cards. The reward for your efforts will be a successfully compiled combination that will bring you a magnificent prize. 

Texas Holdem Basic Rules 

First of all, the main task in Hold’em is to create the highest combination possible, using own and common cards on the table. Table cards are considered common, which means that a player can use any of them to make his own hand. Moreover, the participant is free to take all the cards on the board, without using personal cards at all.

The dealer button is also applied to the game. The player occupying the seat just to the left of the button is considered the small blind, and the player who takes the seat to the left of the small blind is called the big blind.

At the start participants are dealt two open cards (as they are also called – hole cards), and then all the following rounds come. Thus, we will develop a clearer scheme of the rounds:

  • Initial hand – two cards are dealt face up.
  • The first betting round – the player to the left of the big blind starts the move: it is possible to equalize the big blind, raise or fold. The big blind has the right to raise a pot that would not otherwise be raised.
  • Flop – the dealer burns the card and then deals three common cards face up. The first three cards are called the flop, and all the face-up cards together are called the board.
  • Second Betting Round – The player to the left of the dealer button starts, everyone has the choice to check or bet. After betting, players can raise, call or fold.
  • Turn – The dealer discards one more card and then adds a fourth card face up to the total cards.
  • The third betting round is a repetition of the second round, but the betting amount is doubled.
  • River – the dealer burns one more card and then adds the fifth and last card to the total cards.
  • Final betting round – players repeat their bets. 
  • Showdown – the remaining players who managed to collect a five-card combination from their hole cards and common cards show their hands. The strongest five-card hand wins the pot. If there is a tie, the pot is divided equally between the players.
The Conclusion

Knowing the basic rules for poker Texas Holdem, the sequence of rounds and the actions that take place during them will give you confidence and strength. Also, do not forget to memorize the combinations – not knowing them will make you an easy target in the eyes of your rivals. Once you have a complete picture of the gameplay in your head, you are free to start the game and master your skills. Over time, all the problematic moments will disappear and you will be relaxed, gaining pleasure from every moment of the game. 

Bet Types In Texas Hold’em

During the process of betting in Texas Hold’em online, as in other varieties of online poker, players have five options: fold, check, bet, call or raise. Let’s discuss the features of each of them.

The first is «Fold» which means to fold your cards and give up that round, losing all bets you have made up to that point. It’s better to fold if you don’t have a strong hand and if you think the other player has, or if the bets are getting higher than you had hoped.

«Check» means not to bet, but to stay in the game. It’s like you decided to bet zero dollars. Choosing this option, you can see if it’s the beginning of the game or you want to observe how other players will bet, or you hesitate in the success of your hand.

«Bet» is set to wager the pot. Betting shows how the pot is filled, and in order for staying in the game, players must match the current bet size. You could bet if you have confidence in your cards or if you think another player is likely to fold.

«Call» represents the option of matching the other player’s bet. After someone else bets, if you want to stay in the game, you must either Call or Raise. You might want to call if you like your hand enough to stay in the game, if you are close to getting a winning hand, or in the case you want the other player to think you are completely sure in your hand.

«Raise» implies calling and raising the other player’s bet. If you raise someone else’s bet, all players must match this new stake to stay in the game. You can raise it if you are confident in your hand and want to increase the pot size, if you think you have a better hand than other players, or if you want to seem more confident in your hand than you really are.

Texas Holdem Poker Odds 

Poker is a game that generally combines luck and skill, so the final result depends on what decisions the player makes in the process. After all, the reason for losing can be not only that luck was not with you, but also that you did not find out the odds in Poker Texas Holdem. Actually, this knowledge is very valuable, because it clearly demonstrates the probability of winning.

Table Of Odds In Texas Holdem

In order to have a clear idea of how likely a certain combination is to occur, let’s have a look at the table: 

OutsYour HandDrawing ToOdds to Hit on the TurnOdds to Hit by the River
4Inside (Gutshot) StraightStraight11:15:1
8Open-Ended StraightStraight5:12:1
9Four to a FlushFlush4:12:1
15Straight + Flush DrawStraight or Flush2:11:1

Calculating Odds In Texas Holdem

There are plenty of very lengthy and complicated tables that explain in detail the numerical probabilities, but it can be extremely difficult to memorize them, especially for beginners. So let’s consider some simple tips to use in the game. 

In case you feel that your combination will be the strongest, try to compare the chances of collecting this combination with the chances of the bank and calculate it mathematically in the following way:

For instance, in the situation where you have the combination conventionally marked 5d5c and you’d like to upgrade to a set or quad, here is what you should try: 

  • From a regular deck of 52 cards, subtract your two hole cards and you get 50 cards.
  • Among these 50 cards you have two cards that can strengthen your hand in poker: either 5s or 5c.
  • That is, there are a total of 48 cards that are ineffective for you and two auxiliary cards. So, you have 2 poker outs.

In general, this logic is a simplified version of how you can calculate your chances of getting a certain combination. Of course, you can hope for luck, but a clear picture of the real state of affairs gives much more. Thus, the player clearly understands whether it is worth continuing the game, or vice versa, it is better to quit. 

Variations Of Texas Holdem

There are some variations of Texas Hold’em with different features which can be distinguished. Initially, in No-Limit Holdem, players can bet as much as they want (or as many chips as they have). The minimum bet is usually the big blind. This variant often has a minimum raise amount, it means that if the player wants to raise, the amount of it must be at least equal to the previous raise.

After this, there is Limit Texas Holdem. Here betting amounts are predetermined and you are to follow two significant rules:

  1.     On the pre-flop and flop, raises and bets are equal to the big blind
  2.     On the turn and river all bets and raises are equal to double the big blind

Following this, we have Mixed Texas Holdem which is exactly what it looks like – the game switches between Limit and No Limit Holdem rounds.

The betting rules for each round correspond to the type of game, and note that the size of each round’s blinds can vary depending on which option is being played at the time.

The last type which we’re going to discuss is Pot Limit Texas Holdem, where players’ bets are limited to the size of the pot (for instance, if the pot is $20, the maximum bet allowed would be $20). The minimum bet for this option is equal to the size of the big blind.

This option is similar to no-limit, because it has a minimum raise amount – in order for a player to make a raise, his raise amount must at least match the most recent raise or bet in the current round in Texas Holdem online.  

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy Tips

Unlike many other gambling games, Texas Holdem requires not only the influence of luck to achieve a successful result, but also knowledge of the rules, the specifics of the game, as well as some texas holdem poker strategies. In this game tactics and techniques will perfectly complement the process, because here the player’s behavior, emotions, facial expressions and movements play a significant role. By combining all these key factors into one whole, you can achieve an unsurpassed result. 

We advise you to look through the list of quite useful strategic moves during the game, which will help you to stay in an advantageous position even with a not very impressive set of cards in your hands. 

Choose A Favorable Position

The winning position in Texas Hold’em is the “on the button” position, which means that you are the last to bet after the flop, turn and river. That is, when it’s your turn, you clearly understand the number of players in the game and can more specifically assess the situation regarding the bets. The worst position is the small blind, because after the flop, turn and river you have to react first.

Monitor The Actions Of Other Players

While you play, you should not concentrate only on your actions, on the contrary, it is better to be able to be well aware of which cards have already been discarded and which can still be used in the combination. Focus also on the manner of behavior of the participants, their emotions and movements – all these details can tell you their state of affairs with the cards, especially if they are inexperienced players. 

Do Not Allow Other Players To View The Flop For Free

Let’s imagine a situation: you have a strong enough hand to see the flop. A good move here is to prevent other players from seeing it for free – at least bet the minimum bet. Although beginners like to see the flop as cheaply as possible, it brings additional risks for you.

Be Brave Enough To Exit After The Flop

In fact, at the beginning of your Texas Hold’em experience, it can be really difficult to fold after the flop. You might think that the money is already in the pot, and it’s worth it to find out the further course of the game. But in practice, this can turn into a fatal ending for you. For example, you have A-K, and the flop is J-J-5. If one of the players has a J, you will be behind everyone else, even if A or K comes up. So if the flop is not effective for you, analyze your options and consider leaving the game. 

Be Smart On The Turn And The River

When these stages of the game are coming, consider the following tips:

  • A draw after the turn: you need to take one more card to make a good combination. Get to the river as cheaply as possible for yourself.
  • If you are confident in the strength of your hand after the turn, do your best to prevent your opponents from seeing the river.
  • In the case there is a pair among the community cards, be prepared for a full house.
  • If there are three cards of the same suit on the board, beware of an opponent with a flush.

In conclusion, let’s emphasize that Texas Holdem poker strategies are widely used in this gambling entertainment. So with an understanding of how these tricks work, you’ll be ready not only to use them yourself, but also to see how your opponents employ them. As a result, you will have hints on how to proceed in the game and achieve successful results.

Top 10 Texas Hold’em Tips For The First Time Hold’em Player

1) Try not to play too many starting hands. Placing numerous hands in the start of the game, you will increase your chances to lose money in Hold’em. If you’re a beginner, stick to your top ten starting hands (AA, KK, AK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, 88, AQ, KQ). When your skills get better, you can add a few more hands.

 2) Discover the way of playing your own position. Play less hands in early position and more in late position. Position can give you a tremendous advantage compared to your opponents, permitting you to take over the hand.

3) In the case you’re going to play hopefully, discard your cards. If you lose a hand or hope to get a lucky card, the odds aren’t in your favor, don’t add more money to the pot. Try to preserve your chips to take more away from your rivals afterwards. Furthermore, never force your opponent to be honest. Keep in mind that in this game you can be two-faced: hope in one hand and crap in the other. Let them guess which one would fill first.

4) Study the pot odds – no need to know everything about them, besides knowing how many outs you have (cards left in your deck that could give you a nuts hand) will help you to get more chips in the right hands. Also stand aside from hands that can’t be used for profit. If you have 9 outs after the flop, you have about a 36% chance of getting your card (multiply the outs by 4). After the turn, multiply the number of outs by 2 (in the same hand after the turn, you have a 9 X 2 or 18% chance of getting your card hand).

5) Be aggressive – bet, bet, bet, and bet again.

6) Keep your bets identical. When you constantly raise the same sum or the percentage of the pot, it won’t tell your opponents anything about your strength or weakness. Always observe the changes of other players’ bets. Generally, big bets equal a strong hand.

7) Play at a level that suits your bankroll. Put 5% of your bankroll on the table for every poker game and 2-3% for a tournament.

8) Play to win on a regular basis. If you’re not winning, switch to a lower limit. If you win permanently, raise one limit.

9) Don’t go down to a bad beat. Bad beats occur – be brave enough to overcome it. If you play when the odds are on your side, you will earn money. Don’t let losing streaks take you out of the game.

10) Don’t bluff in a major, try to make half-bluffs instead. An average bet against a player, which you think will fold, can work if you don’t have the outs to collect your hand on the next card and the chips you save to get back next time.


Yes, playing Texas Hold’em online is completely legal and no one in Canada has ever been prosecuted at the federal or state level.

Four rounds of wagers in online Texas Hold’em poker are distinguished. The first betting takes place before the flop, when players own only two closed cards. The next possible betting is after the flop, when the first three total cards are dealt. Right after the fourth total card is revealed, the turn begins. Finally, the last round of betting starts after the players uncover the last total card (so-called the river).

In the first stage you need to register in the poker room. At the top of the page you will see the list of favorite and reliable poker sites which our casino experts have selected for you.

In Texas Hold’Em Poker, each player is given two closed cards. Then, during betting rounds, five more cards are eventually distributed in the middle of the table. These cards are called «total cards» because each player uses them.

The majority of online casinos and online poker rooms provide free Texas Holdem games. It’s an incredible opportunity for new players who want to draw hands and get some experience, on the other side experienced players could experiment with new strategies and tactics. 

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