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American Roulette is extremely popular and enjoys great interest among both the lovers and new players. If you have received the experience playing  European Roulette, you would have no problems with American Roulette. On this site you will find a complete guide on how to play American Roulette in the best online casinos in Canada with top bonuses and how to achieve success in it. 

America Roulette Sites

  • 🎰 Explore the best online casinos for American Roulette enthusiasts.
  • 🎯 Learn the rules and unique features of American Roulette, including the double zero.
  • 💰 Discover exclusive American Roulette bonuses and promotions to boost your winnings.
  • 🔒 Learn about secure and user-friendly online American Roulette platforms.
  • 🌟 Get expert tips on how to improve your American Roulette strategy and maximize your chances of winning.

Online American Roulette
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How We Find The Best American Roulette Casinos

Initially, in the process of examining each casino, we keep in mind a number of various factors, but probably the most important one is the bonuses that are offered to the players. It distinguishes the site among the others and gives better chances to win for everyone who decides to try. 

However, bonuses are not all that we take into account. We always thoroughly verify the security options on each site, so you can always play with confidence. Also we check customer service, usability and, obviously, the range of games which are offered.

Playing American Roulette

At the beginning, try to familiarize yourself with the exterior of the American Roulette table, so the instructions will be clearer when you get to know the rules. The double zero on the table distinguishes American Roulette from its other variants, increasing the casino’s advantage to 5.26%. To help you to receive all the necessary information about this game, we provide you a guide with all the steps which you should follow to get the best outcome in American Roulette Casino:

Step 1. To Know How A Roulette Table Looks Like

In the first stage, as you attentively study the table, you will find the following:  in the majority of cases, you will be looking at the side of the table where there are “even” and “odd” pieces. The main colors of the game are red and black, and the numbers on the table are numbered from 1 to 36. The other color is green which denotes the leftmost zero and double zero.

american roulette table picture

Step 2. Place Your Bet

Select the casino chips, which you want to bet with, at the bottom of the screen. It indicates the sum of money you want to bet. For the columns marked with 12 numbers, different bets are available with a payout ratio of 2 to 1. The 1 to 1 payout applies to outside bets that don’t form lines or patterns. You have 35 chances to win if you bet on a single number on the table, so you’ll need a lot of luck.

Here you have the list of possible bets to pick from:

Red or Black

Payout – 1:1

When you bet on a particular color, either red or black

High Denomination/Number

Payout – 1:1

Betting on the numbers 19-36

Low Denomination/Number

Payout – 1:1

Betting on the numbers 1-18


Payout – 2:1

Betting on 12 numbers in different positions


Payout – 2:1

Betting on 12 numbers horizontally on the table


Payout – 5:1

Betting on a total of 6 numbers covering 2 rows


Payout – 6:1

Betting on zero, double zero, 1, 2, and 3


Payout – 8:1

Betting on 4 numbers on the table


Payout – 11:1

Betting on 3 numbers in a row


Payout – 17:1

Betting on 2 number in no specific order

Straight/Straight Up

Payout – 35:1

Betting on a single lucky number

Step 3. Spin The Roulette Wheel

Participating in American Roulette online, you can take your time to see if you like the bets you have made on the table. So, when you are ready, spin the wheel and see if your bet was successful.

Step 4. Collect Your Prizes

Admittedly, you can study the history of the game to see how it has been won before, as well as to identify the trends. But on the other hand, it won’t help you in the actual game because of complete randomness. Anyway, it gives players more confidence and control which can be used in your favor. If you manage to win the game, you don’t need any physical actions to win a prize: the money is transferred directly to your account. If the luck wasn’t on your side, the amount of your wager will be deducted from your account balance, depending on your odds.

Special Rules For American Roulette

Speaking about key differences, there are two of them in American roulette which are closely intertwined. The first one takes place in the situation where the casino advantage increases if a double zero is added to the table. The next one is that the house advantage in European roulette is almost twice that of French roulette, at 5.26%, as was said earlier. 

Regular Roulette players tend to avoid the relatively high casino advantage because it increases their chances to lose. 

American Roulette Player Odds

Bet TypePlayer Odds
Red or Black47.4%
High or Low Denomination/Number47.4%
Straight/Straight Up2.6%

American Roulette Strategy

One of the most intriguing types of roulette is the American one, which is often considered as the most challenging variety because of the quite high house edge and the presence of two zeros. Nevertheless, with numerous American roulette strategies you can easily increase your chances for victory and even diversify the process of a game. In the very beginning it’s a must to understand how to behave with these strategies in general. Thus, our tips and tricks will surely help you with it.

Try Other Roulette Variants

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to switch to another type of game which offers more profitable odds for winning. When you compare, you are able to realize where exactly you win more frequently. Therefore, don’t stay in the same place for a long time. For instance, French roulette provides you with 1.35-2.7% of house advantage, when American gives you as much as 5.26%. The difference has a direct impact on your result.

Grab Bonuses And Other Privileges

Whenever you want you’re free to use bonuses and promotions, especially welcome offers. All these opportunities can boost your performance giving you additional sums of money, freespines, cashback and so on. Take advantage of it and rejoice every time you use it, as you will certainly receive some amazing prizes.   

Be Thoughtful With Your Bankroll

This approach can become your best strategy ever, because it can save you a huge amount of money. It means to have the understanding that you can lose every time you play, as it’s a deal of luck in gambling. So, overconfidence is not a good companion here, but responsibility is. 

Use Martingale Wisely

It’s commonly recommended that American roulette strategies must be followed on a permanent basis, without any deviations. Speaking about the Martingale system of betting, it must be said that the essence here is to double your bets with every loss until you return all the money. In reality, it’s hard to put into practice, because the majority of players have a limited budget. Just be aware of the sums you’re ready to waste and don’t exceed this limit. 

Stay Realistic

In every casino game, and especially in American Roulette, you should have a neutral outlook on everything that happens. Don’t expect to win an impressive prize at once without losing – it’s practically impossible. Be prepared emotionally to lose money, in this way you won’t be frustrated. 

Practice Makes Perfect

There are a lot of possibilities to try playing for free – why not to use it? For newcomers it presents a unique chance to learn a lot of information, including table structure, American roulette winning strategies, types of bets and more. All this will bring valuable experience which can help you to achieve awesome results. 

The Differences Between American, European And French Roulette

If you want to play Roulette for the first time, you might think that these three games are exactly the same. In fact, they are really identical, but there is one big difference: American roulette wheels contain both a single zero and a double zero, while European and French roulette wheels have only a single zero.

In the comparison of American and European roulette, you will find that this addition of the double zero means that the chances are lower in American roulette. Essentially, it means that those who play European roulette should win more money over the long term.

When it comes to French roulette, the odds are even more diverse because French roulette offers better odds for players. This is not only because there is no double zero on the French roulette wheel, but also because of the La Partage rule. This implies that players get half of their bet in return when they have bet equal money and the ball has stopped at zero. However, from the perspective of how to bet and how the wheel spins, all three games are similar indeed.

American Roulette Tips

Among different variations of roulette, the American one features an extra zero sector which is called Double Zero. Consequently, the wheel has 38 sections – numbers from 1 to 36 and two zeros. Many experts say that exactly this factor increases the house edge, but with some American roulette winning tips you’ll certainly know how to cope with it. That’s the point where we start from. 

Tip #1. Take The Bankroll Under Your Control

What you need to do in the initial stage is to determine the amount of money which you allow yourself to lose without exceeding it during the process of the game. This helps you not to waste all your finances at once, but to plan all bets and their value.  

Tip #2. Learn How To Make Bets

Obviously, you can bet just intuitively and to rely on your luck, but not all bets are profitable equally. In fact, betting on 0,00, 1, 2, 3 isn’t a good idea, as the house edge here is almost 8%. By analyzing some basic bets and their profitability, you will be able to assess your own chances and bet accordingly. 

Tip #3. Make Well-Considered Bets

Perhaps some players like to find some magic in numbers that are meaningful to them: birth dates, anniversaries or just their favorite numbers. However, in reality, this rarely works, as roulette is all about luck. Instead, select one of the strategies and follow its steps. 

Tip #4. Give Preference To Betting Methods

Especially effective will be the method of betting, which will cover most of the fields. To illustrate this situation, let’s imagine a bet on black and the numbers of the third ten (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, eight of which are red). This bet option covers a large number of numbers at once, which significantly increases the probability of success. 

Tip #5. Do Not Add Winnings To Your Total Bankroll

At any moment of the game, a series of failures can happen, because of which you can lose your initial savings. Putting the winnings aside, you will have funds that will be of great help in such an inauspicious situation. 

These tips are actually quite practical, although they are not able to provide 100% results. Anyway, it might help you to prevent a complete loss due to compliance with financial literacy and following the rules of responsible gambling. The awareness of everything that may simplify your task will necessarily put you in the winning position. 


No. The rules for all roulette variants stay the same. The double zero on the American roulette table increases the casino’s advantage, which is the main difference between this variant and others.

Making the answer short, we can say – No. Roulette is still a game of chance, but techniques and strategies can help you gain confidence as a player and decide how to bet to increase your chances of winning. Online casinos always have random number generators to keep the games honest, while land-based casinos depend on randomness.

French roulette is definitely the roulette option with the lowest casino advantage, so players will flock to games where they have an advantage. The payout percentage is also higher, so players are probably more likely to win in French roulette.

Yes! You’ll have a choice of a huge selection of roulette options developed by various software developers. You can take your time and practice any strategies you’ve learned without betting real money or registering an online casino account.

Definitely yes. Choosing an online casino that offers American Roulette and is known as a reputable site, you should have no problem with gaining access to the game on various mobile devices. You have the possibility to play American Roulette through a mobile casino app or even easily play the game right from your device’s internet browser.

The majority of online casinos offer real money and free American Roulette games. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, take a look at the online casinos  which we recommend. You’ll find that these websites offer the highest quality American Roulette games.

No, there is a huge variety. American Roulette is just a version of roulette, and you can find many other types. Different versions will also have different tables and different house edges depending on which one you choose. You will find games such as French, European, mini, 3D roulette and more.

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