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Live dealer games introduce the best benefits for playing in casinos including socializing with dealers. We offer a top selection of casinos with the best live dealers who will bring you an excellent all-around experience of excitement, passion and satisfaction. Be ready to try your best, be ready to win!

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How To Play Live Baccarat Online

The basic rules of Baccarat with a live dealer will be helpful to the newcomers explaining some interesting features of this game. In the first stage, it’s conducted by the dealer and played using eight standard decks of 52 cards each. The player and the dealer must receive two cards, and sometimes an additional card is required. Before each round begins, you must bet on the player, the dealer or the draw. After the cards are dealt, each side attempts to get as close or equal to nine as possible. If you’re concerned how to achieve this goal, keep in mind different values of cards, for instance:

  • Aces are the lowest card value equal to one
  • Cards with numbers 2-9 introduce their real value
  • Tens and all face cards are zero
  • The suit of any card is irrelevant and is not used for scoring
  • If you make a decision to take a second card and it exceeds ten, the number of tens is discarded to get the value of the hand expressed as one number

The Differences Between Standard And Live Dealer Baccarat

There aren’t any specific differences in rules between Online Baccarat and Live Dealer Baccarat, but the gameplay slightly differs. The main thing to be noted is the presence of the live dealer during the game. Typically, the dealer will respond to messages in the chat box. Therefore, Live Dealer Baccarat often has higher minimum bets than standard online baccarat, and it’s for one simple reason: Live Dealer Baccarat is much more expensive for online casinos than standard Baccarat, so they need to recoup their costs. For some players who prefer low stakes it may mean that they can’t play the live dealer version.

Another vital difference is the amount of time it takes a hand to draw. The pleasant advantage of standard online baccarat takes place when you can deal when you’re ready, which means you can go through several hands in just a couple of minutes. However, live dealer baccarat is more similar to land-based casinos. So, you have to wait until all the bets are placed, which means there may be a short pause between hands. All these options make the game more realistic and that’s why new players are regularly attracted.

Advantages Of Playing Live Baccarat

Indeed, Live Baccarat is an incredible gaming mode that is becoming increasingly popular among gambling enthusiasts in Canada. When the live dealer was added as a gaming option, Baccarat revolutionized the gaming field. Earlier it was unreal to imagine straight contact with croupiers and other players. Thereby, when it has occured, gameplay has certainly changed popular casino preferences. But that’s not all that Live Baccarat can offer – here is the list of the most significant benefits of the game, including:

Realistic atmosphere – For the majority of old-school players, casinos have always been associated with real communication, chatting and having acquaintances. Live Baccarat shows an innovative mode which can combine an old atmosphere with revolutionary gameplay and new opportunities.

Reliability and fairness – At the best casino sites, Baccarat games with live dealers are provided by reputable game providers. Some of the most iconic game providers featured on Canadian gambling sites are Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. No doubts, the fairness and reliability of these software companies are top-notch. Any player will have no trouble accessing one of Baccarat Canada’s online casinos.

The latest technology – Currently, most gaming providers pay their attention mainly to entertainment options and they become more and more famous according to it. Players can follow the development of their favorite Baccarat game with a live dealer day by day. However, it’s not the only point which we take into account. The security is also significant while you’re playing, so we thoroughly check its actual data protection for you to be confident and calm.  

People trust live Baccarat more – In fact, some players are suspicious about the fairness of payouts in Baccarat games, and it’s OK to be on guard. But you will never be convinced if you don’t try. Then, choose live dealer games that provide more transparency and clarity for new and experienced players. In our turn, we offer only verified sites with the highest reputation and satisfied clients. 

The inclusion of the aforementioned advantages makes Live Dealer Baccarat so adorable for thousands of Canadians in comparison with other games.

How We Rate The Best Live Baccarat Casinos

The diversity of live dealer gambling sites in Canada causes a difficult situation while you are searching the right platform. Fortunately, we manually select all the top-rated online casinos. If you’re wondering what criteria we use to recommend the best websites, we’re ready to share them all. Bear in mind that we’re working to make the selection process easier for Canadian Baccarat lovers. Eventually, here are some of the most important rating criteria we use:

Licenses And Certifications

We can’t suggest a gaming website to you if it doesn’t have a reliable license. The same goes for certificates confirming fairness and transparency of payouts. Every online baccarat live dealer casino we recommend is licensed and has all the necessary certifications to prove its safety and fairness to players.

The Best IGaming Software Providers 

When it comes to gameplay, you should know that game providers take responsibility for it. On the gaming website side you can expect to get a bonus, customer support and continued financial transactions. However, our team constantly checks which game providers are represented at each Canadian online casino. You can rest assured that any online casino we recommend has a robust collection of top-selected live dealer baccarat games. We follow industry standards, as well as our two game providers which we love the most – Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. They run and support most Baccarat live dealer operations worldwide.

Payment Options

For Canadians, the ability to pay with Canadian dollars is a must-have feature. That’s why we also review available deposit and withdrawal methods to ensure that financial transactions run smoothly. We pay close attention to time of waiting, fees, and available banking options. We want you to feel comfortable while you’re doing the banking operations, so we choose those sites which give you the ability to make successful payments on each particular gaming website.

Bonuses And Promotions

Our team takes a closer look at what promotions are available for the players. Dozens of false marketing cases happen every day, so our team attentively checks bonuses and their respective terms. We offer only those bonuses which have transparent rules and requirements. You can review those websites we recommend to make sure their special offers are profitable. Because bonuses are so significant to newcomers, we keep an eye out for these to maximize your bankroll.

Customer Service

Although you can play baccarat online at almost any Canadian online casino, we still recommend choosing ones that have attentive customer service agents. The truth is that every gaming site can have problems. While some may be related to payments, others may be related to bonuses and gameplay elements. That’s why having excellent customer support is a must for any reputable Canadian online casino.

Now you can see that all of our review criteria are focused on objectivity. This means that we do our best to recommend to you the best of the best Canadian live dealer Baccarat gambling sites.

Types Of Live Baccarat Online

There is a huge abundance of Baccarat types and styles, that’s the reason why beginners often find it difficult to choose the right variation. We’re here to support you by revealing some of the most popular free online live Baccarat variations:

Live Dragon Tiger is one of those live dealer games developed by Evolution Gaming that makes small changes to the standard Baccarat layout. Instead of betting for the dealer or player, this game forces you to bet on the Dragon or Tiger. If you want to speed up your gameplay a bit, Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming is a great option. This variation uses almost the same rules as traditional baccarat, and the betting period lasts only ten seconds instead of the usual fifteen.

Baccarat Squeeze is a type of the game with completely distinctive rules compared to the other types. In this game mode, the player with the highest bet has the right to squeeze the cards or have another player open them.

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is designed to increase the anticipation. Instead of letting the dealer squeeze the cards, players can do so. The rules are the same as the standard Squeeze version, except the person who controls the squeezing process. Baccarat without commission offers a game where the online casino does not charge the typical 5% commission on the dealer’s bets. This game mode also has a unique Super 6 extra bet, making it one of the best online baccarat games for real money.

Punto Banco is a game that gives players more freedom. Unlike other variants, players can bet on either a draw, banker, or player, regardless of their position on the board. This difference is what has made this variant of the game so popular in Canada.

You are welcome to select any type of game which is up to your preferences and habits. Our task is to make you interested in it, keep you and your money safe and give you the possibility of enjoying a first-class game of Baccarat.  

Terminology In Live Dealer Baccarat Game

Like all refined card games, baccarat includes a unique lexicon concerning various details of the game. A basic understanding of these commonly used terms will go a long way in learning the basics of the game and its live-dealer variation. Here are some terminology explained and having studied all the nuances of it, you increase your chances to become a master in this game.

  • Shoe – The box from which cards are dealt.
  • Dealer/Banker – The person who deals the cards. In some games, one of the players may be chosen as a dealer.
  • Croupier – The casino employee(s) who manages the table.
  • Baccarat – A score of zero.
  • Le Grande –  A score of nine.
  • Natural – A score of eight or nine from your first two cards.
  • Coup – A round of play including a player’s hand and a banker’s hand.
  • Banco! – A term used when a player bets their entire bankroll, equivalent to “all in” in poker.


Yes. Some websites offer free versions of the gameplay, while others are known for their no deposit promotions that allow you to start playing without a deposit.

Baccarat with a live dealer has streaming online tools that display the croupiers, the gaming tables and other elements of the establishment. You won’t see this setup in a regular online baccarat game.

On our website, you will find all known Canadian gambling websites that offer live dealer baccarat game options.

You can choose from a variety of languages. Some of the most common languages are English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

No. You can see the dealer, but they will not see you. They can only communicate with the players.

No, you cannot play live dealer games in demo mode as they are not available for free. It is best to familiarize yourself with the games and then switch to live dealer games.

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