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Texas Hold’em is considered to be the most famous kind of poker and any table game played in casinos worldwide today. And this place is absolutely justified because a live Texas Hold’em casino has given Canadians the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable experience of risk and excitement at home. The process of accessing has become easier, but impressions and satisfaction from the outcome remain the same.

Live Texas Hold’em Sites

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Live Dealer Texas Hold'em
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How To Play Live Dealer Online Texas Holdem

The benefits of Online Texas Hold’em with a live dealer are clear. It presents all the features of going to a land-based casino, but you can also play anywhere you are just entering the gambling site. One notable difference is that you are betting against the dealer and not against other players. So, your goal is to beat the dealer. 

What makes it more similar to a land-based casino, it’s the fact that a real croupier sits at the poker table to take your bets and deal the cards. With no differences in the rules compared to traditional online poker and Texas Hold’em, you should place a bet, get your hand, and call or fold.

Be ready to monitor all the welcome offers and extra betting bonuses available at the online casino of your choice. It could create a great chance of winning for you in the future.

In the next stage, you’ll battle with a dealer, which you can interact with, and play alongside other real players.

To avoid card counting, a deck of 52 cards is shuffled by the dealer after each round.

Poker Hands Order From High To Low

Poker Hands Order From High To Low

What’s The Difference Between Live Dealer & Regular Online Hold’em?

Poker gambling sites offer you an impressive variety of real money betting variations with many options and ways to play online. And it’s normal that you can be confused trying to figure out their pros and cons. Consequently, here we made the comparison of the key differences between regular online Texas Hold’em and the Live Dealer version.

Texas Hold’em

  • Cards are dealt by a random number generator (RNG).
  • You play against other players in the casino.
  • Take part in online tournaments through an online casino

Holdem With A Live Dealer

  • You play against a real dealer and interact with him
  • Play alongside many other players with whom you can also chat.
  • Minimum bets are usually higher.

Why Should You Choose Live Dealer Online Texas Hold’em?

In fact, Live Hold’em combines everything players love about the game and creates an exciting experience between players and dealers. Here you can play one-on-one with the dealer, competing for the best hand and trying to win the pot. The card values remain the same as earlier, and many of the moves and betting rounds are similar too.

However, the only really crucial difference is that you’re playing against the dealer, not at a table full of other players. And because of the fact that it’s a live casino experience, everything here is real: the dealer, the cards, the table and the casino itself. It’s all streamed directly to your desktop or cell phone, putting you right in the middle of the action.

Bear in mind these pros and cons by comparing the Live Casino Poker stream to the virtual variety:

Pros Of Live Dealer Casino Texas Hold’em

  • The ability to play Hold’em (many virtual varieties are Stud, Draw or Three Card).
  • Real, immersive experience.
  • Chat window to communicate with other players.
  • Ultra-fast flow.
  • Lots of features and bonuses.

Cons Of Live Dealer Casino Texas Hold’em

  • May move a little slower.
  • Slight change in Hold’em rules.
  • Fewer betting rounds.
  • No possibility to play against other players.

How To Play Live Dealer Texas Hold’em?

At this point, the rules of Texas Hold’em poker are quite simple, that is the reason why this game enjoys so much popularity among the players. The basic idea of the game is the following: the player who has the best combination of 5 cards by the end of the game wins. To assemble this hand, players can use their cards with two pockets, which are dealt at the beginning of the game, and 5 common cards, which are available to all players.

First of all, there are several rounds of betting, in the continuation of which players can reset cards and turn them in or bet/call and add some cash to it. At the end, the winner can pick up all the money in the pot.

The idea of Live Casino Hold’em is very similar, but with some minor tweaks to account for the player’s setup against the dealer.


In PvP poker, you have the possibility to win the prize by having the best hand or by making your opponent bluff. In Live Casino Hold’em, you have to make the best hand, as the dealer will not fold.


The game takes its place with the player betting an ante and then being dealt two cards which are also known as pocket cards. The dealer is also dealt two cards. Then the first 3 common cards, known as the “flop”, are dealt to the middle of the table.

Betting On The Flop

Here players can have two exact options: “call”, in the result they bet and continue playing, or “fold”, in this case they lose their hand.

Betting On The Turn And River

In regular Hold’em poker, you can bet either until the turn, which is the fourth hole card, or until the river, which is the last hole card. In Live Casino Hold’em, one bet covers both cards.


The situation when the hand finishes and the player matches his cards to those of the dealer is called in this way. In the case the player shows the best hand, he wins. If the dealer does it, he takes all the prizes.

AA Bonus

An extra bet in Hold’em Live Casino is called the AA Bonus which is placed simultaneously with the ante, but it is not compulsory. This wager pays out different sums of money according to the power of the player’s pocket cards, with AA or Ace/Ace earning the biggest winnings.

Live Dealer Texas Hold’em Betting Basics And Tips

Initially, we need to note that some exposure to the rules of poker (especially Texas Hold’em) is exceedingly useful when you start playing live Hold’em. Regardless, even a complete novice poker player can master the streamlined rules of live Casino Hold’em rapidly.

The fundamental thing to keep in mind in live dealer Hold’em is the following: unless you are completely sure of your hand, don’t hesitate to fold, and don’t call. Avoid letting any feisty dealers push you to back a hand that you are almost assured of failing and losing more money as a consequence!

Beware that the dealer must be qualified. For instance, he obtains a pair of fours or better to prevail over you. Therefore, all staff is not bound to be lost if you get a weak hand if and when the dealer does not have as many capabilities in the window cards. For sure, it won’t work for you in case they’re covering up a couple of pocket aces.

The number one way to master Hold’em with a live dealer is presumably, at the first step, to abandon the dealer-playing aspect of the game altogether! Use standard Hold’em in a casino, perhaps even in free play mode, to familiarize yourself with the rules, good hands and so on before switching to live Hold’em.


Exactly the same computer connected to the Internet that gives you access to regular poker games can also be used for live Texas Hold’em. There is simply no need to go out and upgrade your equipment. As for the software, it’s available for free from every reputable live dealer Texas Hold’em operator on the Internet.

This is one you can absolutely trust. The best Texas Hold’em live dealer casino sites like those listed here are completely clear. They do their best to make certain you understand the rules, which is especially easy because these gambling websites have every reason to follow the standards you’re used to.

Unfortunately, most sites are way behind the times when it comes to real money Texas Hold’em gambling. If you want to play, there are only a few really great online poker sites. Visit our suggested sites to get started.

Because many sites suspend the use of live Texas Hold’em technology (to save money), many players don’t even know what they’re missing. Over time, however, live gambling is likely to catch up. This is the wave of the future.

Your Texas Hold’em live dealer site will have special bonuses for players like you. They probably won’t shock and awe like the four-figure bonuses that non-live players have access to, but that’s just the reality of playing a card game with a live dealer.

Yes, but some sites have limited hours. By playing at the best Canadian sites which are listed here, you can always be assured that you always have access to Texas Hold’em poker at casinos with live dealers.

As always, you need to make sure you trust your casino. However, live games have the advantage that you can look inside and see how the game unfolds live. When playing Texas Hold’em at a casino with live dealers, there is no need to believe blindly in the random number generator.

Canadian players always ask us that, and the answer is no. You can see the actual dealers because the cameras are pointed at them, but the players have a lot more privacy. At Texas Hold’em Live Dealer Casino, the most important thing is to look at the dealer, not look back!

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