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Poker is a game widely spread all over the world and there are several types of it and each of them is worth to try.

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How To Play Online Poker

Modern opportunities to perform many functions directly from the screen of your phone, tablet or laptop simplify life and save time. For fans of gambling, playing poker online will be especially appealing, as no matter where you are, having a device and the Internet, you are free to launch your beloved game. We would like to present a detailed overview for those who have not yet experienced the convenience and simplicity of this way of playing poker. 

What Should You Do To Start Playing

No special costs or efforts are required for this – use a device convenient for you: phone, tablet or laptop. Then choose the way you like to play: using the app or just on the casino website. If you prefer the application, then download the appropriate program on the AppStore or GooglePlay. 

Finally, after visiting the casino of your choice via one of the above methods, it’s time to register. To do this, you need to be 18 years old or older (sometimes 21 according to the laws of some countries). In order to complete the registration process successfully, you will also need to verify your identity by providing your documents. This is a standard procedure that must be carried out to avoid various frauds. After that, choose a convenient way to conduct financial transactions – Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets or cryptocurrency. 

In general, the whole process will not take you more than 15 minutes, which is definitely a plus compared to how long it takes to go to a land-based casino. 

Types Of Poker Games Online

It would be a mistake to believe that online casinos offer a limited selection of poker games. Actually, on gambling sites, the lists of games are simply amazing in their diversity, being even larger than in land-based casinos. Another advantage is that in online casinos there are no situations when you experience a lack of seats. It means you can visit the online gaming establishment at any time of the day and you will definitely be able to enjoy your favorite game. 

The most common types of online poker to play are:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Omaha
  • 7 Card Stud
  • 5 Card Draw
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Online Poker Tournaments and many more.

Consequently, the variety of online poker entertainment is really wide – even the most demanding player will be able to find something to his preference. And the convenience and speed of access will be exactly the factor that will make you return to online gaming platforms again and again. 

Poker Hands Order From High To Low

Poker Hands Order From High To Low

What Does Playing Online Poker Look Like?

online poker example picture

Different Types Of Online Poker

Poker is a game widely spread all over the world and there are several types of it and each of them is worth a try.

Texas Hold’em

Let’s begin with the most common – Texas Hold’em which is special because of two hole cards kept with five others. The main task is to make the best combination using all the cards. 

No Limit Hold’em

It’s important to mention the most popular variety – no-limit Texas Hold’em with the opportunity to raise the bets equal to the size of the previous bet.

Video Poker

This type is very popular in online casinos and it is played against the machine. This type of poker perfectly suits those fans who want to try different casino poker games and pay tables.

Pai Gow Poker

It can be an ideal variant for lovers of Chinese culture for the reason that it combines the principles of the old Chinese game of Pai Gow domino and the American game of Poker. The main idea is to make two hands from seven cards: a five-card hand with better poker rank and a two-card hand. A usual deck with 52 cards and a joker is used here.

Omaha Poker

Discussing the next type, we should say that it is an exciting game which is developed from Texas Hold’em. Each player receives four face-down cards (also called «pocket») that only one member can use. It’s possible to use two of these cards to make the best combination.

Fixed Limit Online Poker

According to the limit we can distinguish two types of poker: no-limit and Fixed limit poker. Fixed limit poker has specific rules including the amount a player can bet. It’s restricted while the game is started.

Pot Limit Online Poker

When we speak about Pot limit poker it must be said that it introduces the middle risk in game compared to no-limit and fixed limit. In this case, bets can be made in an amount which doesn’t exceed the size of the current pot. It’s frequently used in Omaha hold ’em.

Online Poker With A Live Dealer

Also you can play in real time with real live dealers in Texas Hold’em, for instance. You can also take part in different tournaments and so on.

Cash VS Poker Tournaments

When you choose the way you will play poker you finally have two variants: cash game or poker tournament. Let’s compare and choose the best one!

As for the cash game, it is played at one table. You exchange cash for chips at a price that suits you. And you can definitely finish your cash game at any time. If you lose all your chips, you can buy in again and join the promotion again and the blinds never increase.

With tournaments though, you can play at multiple tables at the same time. Here everybody begins with the same amount of chips and the blinds increase at regular periods of time. The tournament finishes only when one player becomes the absolute winner. If you lose all your chips in a tournament, you are out.

So, here are pros and cons of cash games and the tournaments. You are the only one to choose.

Online Poker Bonuses

Definitely, the most pleasurable part of playing on online platforms is online poker bonuses. There is an opinion that they are provided only for beginners, and then disappear. However, this is only partially true, and in most casinos bonuses are distributed in such an impressive number of types that absolutely all players, including regular customers, will certainly come across something for themselves.

Here is a thorough breakdown of bonuses, their types and functions in the gameplay. Stay with us to have a comprehensive understanding of everything related to it.

Bonuses: Why You Need Them

It is quite obvious that bonuses were originally created to lure new customers to online casinos, while giving them some resources for a game. Nevertheless, the player also receives excellent benefits by applying which the chances of winning and receiving payouts increase rapidly. 

For instance, after completing the registration process in an online casino, the player can enjoy welcome bonuses, which often include gift funds for placing bets. That is, at the start, the player does not even need to use his own funds, but instead he has time to get acquainted with how the game proceeds and what features it has. 

Types Of Online Poker Bonuses 

The forms of bonus implementation, in fact, are constantly updated, but their essence remains the same. So, the subsequent privileges are available in the form of bonuses:

Match Bonus

The presented bonus works in two forms:

  1. Welcome promotion
  2. Reload Boost

Such offers share something in common: the amount of the deposit made by the player is doubled by the casino: for example, if you deposit $50, the casino will give you the same amount, and you will have $100 in total. Although, the welcome bonus works for everyone only once – after registration. 

No Deposit Poker Bonus (Instant)

The presented offers are much less common, but are more profitable for the player, because they do not require financial investments from him. This means that immediately after registration, for example, your account already has funds for which you can place bets. 

Tournament Tickets

Participation in tournaments is an incredibly captivating thing that can also bring good earnings. Sometimes casinos present tickets for participation in tournaments as bonuses to diversify your gaming routine. 


Playing and sharing experiences is invaluable, and many casinos understand this and offer to share the joy of gambling with friends. The reward will be gift amounts of $25-$50 or more, depending on the number of games and the amount spent by the player-friend. 

VIP Bonus Offers

Loyalty programs offer even more opportunities and gifts: the accumulation of special points will allow you to receive unique prizes, participate in secret tournaments and feel like a real champion.  

Periodic Bonuses

These include seasonal, holiday or thematic offers: Christmas, Halloween bonuses, birthday gifts and more. 

In conclusion, let’s emphasize that any bonuses and promotional offers have their own terms of use: time and list of games to be used, withdrawal restrictions, and more. All these factors should be taken into account before using the bonus if you want to get the maximum profit from it.

Online Poker Strategies

To be more honest, every player wants to achieve the best results in poker, make the highest combination and enjoy the winning position and big prizes. And what if we say that this can and even should be achieved more often with the help of online poker strategies? Certainly, you may have heard about the use of strategies – they are all freely available in all their variety. However, in our review we aren’t about this – we will talk about the Top-5 of strategic tricks and techniques that are often disregarded by players. 

Be Fastidious In The Choice Of Initial Hands

Beginners always tend to play enthusiastically in the situation with any cards. Folding a hand seems to be a weakness, but in fact it is not. It often happens that most of the hands lag behind on the flop, and the player thus loses money. We advise you to always choose cards very carefully to continue the fight – you must feel your strength. To do this, you should choose a few first-class hands for further raising in late position and discard most of the extra cards on the preflop.

Run An Aggressive Game

Poker is a rather tough game that requires restraint, thoughtfulness, analysis and analytics. But perhaps the most crucial factor is the confidence that all players at the table should feel. To broadcast this confidence, try to act aggressively and push players out, forcing them to fold. 

Bluff, But Wisely

The art of bluffing helps out well in difficult situations in poker, so it is worth developing such skills. Having a weak hand but a good bluff, you can defeat your opponents and become a winner. On the other hand, do not overdo it. Bluffing should be done in realistic situations where such behavior is plausible. 

Explore Rankings And Hand Odds

Approach online poker from the point of view of probabilities and mathematical calculation. A good way is to analyze your hand and general cards, identify weak and strong points. And finally, learn about the chances of making combinations to understand how likely it is for you. 

The Position At The Table Matters

Not all players at the table are in the same position – this should be understood. Early positions near the small blind are dangerous because you are the first to make a decision and act first, so a raise or re-raise may occur. In contrast, late positions provide invaluable additional information about what your opponents have done.

After all, this list, if used skillfully, can really create favorable conditions for you to play. The main thing is to try to successfully assess the situation and your own strength, and then use the poker strategy online. 

How We Check Our Online Poker Sites?

Obviously, you can be sure of verification of our poker sites. Our team of experts do their best playing, testing and rating each online casino to make sure they provide the highest level poker experience in our field. Our verification method involves estimation each of the following parameters:

Online Poker Tournaments

Secondly, regular poker tournaments will be offered for you to play in the biggest poker sites. It will be a real struggle with each other and the prize is real money.

Online Poker Variations

First of all, we provide the widest choice of poker games from trustworthy software developers. This is the main reason why this site has our recommendation.

Bonuses And Promotions In Online Poker

Thirdly, we also offer you some special bonuses and promotions to help you with starting your online poker journey, it’s an amazing way to win real money for free.

Payment Methods In Online Poker

Certainly, you don’t need to worry about payment methods which are extended from credit and debit cards to prepaid cards and e-wallets.

Security Of Online Poker Sites

We care about the security and reliability of our poker site so they carry the eCOGRA sign of approval and they are licensed by reputable gambling authorities.

Online Poker Tips

Platforms providing online poker, apart from the comfort of use and time saving, are also great places to use various tricks in order to improve the final result of the game. To disseminate this information and make it available to every player, we present the Top 5 tips for online poker, which are able to make the joy of victory occur more and more often. 

Tip 1. Start With Small Things

Large bets require skills and experience, so move gradually, starting with small amounts. In addition, online games are usually faster than in land-based casinos, so you will bet more often, and therefore you can spend more. This is another reason to bet moderately. 

Tip 2. Cope With The New Challenges Of Online Poker

Online games have their own peculiarities that you need to get used to: payment methods for making deposits, bonus programs, fast game process, variability of tables and game lobby design, tournaments and much more. Each of the parameters must be studied and analyzed for proper use. 

Tip 3. Choose The Single Table At The Start

One of the highlights that online casinos can boast of is the ability to play at several tables at once – as a result, the chances of winning are growing rapidly. However, for this you need to be extremely attentive and analytical, so leave this option for regular customers. Gain experience, learn everything as much as possible, feel confident at a single table, and then move on. 

Tip 4. Eliminate External Distractions

Playing online, your home actually turns into a gaming establishment, but it is only in your head. In practice, you can be surrounded by everyday sounds, voices, household chores and so on. All this interferes and distracts. Instead, it is better to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for you, where you can immerse yourself in the game completely and concentrate. 

Tip 5. Perfect The Skill Of Bluffing

Poker is, without exaggeration, an ideal place for bluffing. There is no place for naivety and blind faith, because it can lead to failure. Although it is quite difficult to develop this skill, but anyway, cultivate it in yourself and practice it on a regular basis – over time, everything will work out. 

The Conclusion

The presented tips, although basic, are effective and relevant, especially for beginners. No doubt, apply them for a smooth start to your online poker game. With the acquisition of experience and skills, you will be able to move along your paved paths, but do not forget about the stages passed. 


It’s absolutely legal to play poker as long as you play at a certified offshore online casino, you can bet on poker and other real money casino games in Canada. Just make sure you are of legal age to bet according to the province you are in. 

Yes, exactly. But when you choose the site for a poker game, check its legality and certification to be confident in your security. 

You can use our own real money while you are playing poker on the official poker site. It’s possible to do this by playing one of the online casino cash games, live poker, or even by entering a tournament.

If you care about the profit of your game, you should choose video poker firstly because it’s more predictable as you are just battling against the casino site. While you’re playing a few times, in the future you will learn how to win poker more often.

Texas Hold’em. This game is the most popular in the community and in all kinds of casinos around the world.

Certainly, you can begin playing poker for free. All the leading online poker sites offer the option to play without any payments. Some of them even offer free tournaments that give real cash prizes. This can be done by using some features like bonuses and other promotions.

In case you want to play with your friends you must be careful. It is not welcomed as it encourages collusion. On the contrary, there are several sites that offer so-called «home games». It’s about private tables where you can play with friends and schedule games or tournaments, effectively creating your own private poker club.

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