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Keno game is known for its speed, simplicity and entertainment value with a lotto-style feel. All information about how to play and win is introduced on this page. Firstly, learn, then, win! 

Best Online Keno Sites

  • 🎱 Explore the best online casinos for Keno enthusiasts, suitable for players of all levels.
  • 🤑 Learn the rules and strategies of Keno, and how to pick your winning numbers.
  • 💰 Discover exclusive Keno bonuses and promotions to boost your winnings.
  • 🔒 Learn about secure and user-friendly online Keno platforms.
  • 🌟 Get expert tips on how to increase your chances of hitting big Keno prizes.

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How To Play Online Keno

As keno is an inherently simple game, learning to play online takes minimal time and effort. Throughout our user-friendly tutorial, we’ll discuss all the essentials like registration, rules, strategies and tips. 

How do I register at a keno site?

  • Choose the online keno casino of your choice
  • Register and provide all the necessary identification papers
  • Head to the casino cashier to make your first deposit
  • Use any welcome bonus you may have
  • Navigate to the games section to play keno for real money

Rules Of Playing Keno Online

  • The keno field has a total of 80 numbers
  • Players can pick a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 numbers
  • You are required to choose a wager amount before picking your numbers
  • The selected bet size will be positioned on each selected number
  • Numbers are picked with the help of a random number generator (RNG)
  • If the player becomes a winner, the winnings can be played or collected

Strategies That Might Help You To Achieve Success

In contrast to some other common online casino options such as poker and bingo, no mathematically formulated strategies exist to win at keno. Although, there are specific strategies that can be used during your online keno game to improve your chances of getting a winning hand:

Multi-Race Cards

Multi-race cards enable players to choose a number or set of numbers to be rolled over a series of games. This eliminates the need to switch numbers between games or add more numbers in case of a loss.

Betting Strategy

While playing, it is crucial to be conscious of your finances when placing your bets. Keno carries high stakes, therefore you should definitely never bet such an amount of money that you can’t allow yourself to lose.

Consider both the risk and the prize. Decide on a bet sum that is right for you and adhere to it. Withdraw all winnings.

Beware The Gambler’s Fallacy

Player’s fallacy is the faith in a connection between accidental actions. For instance, when a number falls out in one game, it is with a greater or lesser probability that it will fall out in the next one. 

But aside from all the strategies, keep in mind that keno is a game of chance 100% of the time. Gambling keno online at a trustworthy website means that the numbers are also completely random.

Top 5 Tips For Winning At Keno Online

  • Distribute bets on different numbers
  • Keep in mind your budget
  • Use tickets for several races to play different rounds
  • Do not obsess on “hot” and “cold” numbers
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses to play for free for real money

Keno Odds

Beginning to get acquainted with Keno and its key features, players are often interested in the odds of Keno, because it is this factor that determines how likely it is to win. Certainly, it is worth uncovering all the secrets concerning it and understanding what to expect in the result. 

Odds In A Standard Game 

First, it is necessary to clearly state the fact that luck decides the bulk of the final result in Keno, so it is only possible to indicate this probability only partially. Nevertheless, the outcome may indeed depend on several factors, the most significant of which is the amount of numbers on which you wish to bet. 

One Number

To your real pleasure, calculating the Keno odds ratio is easy, and above all it is relevant for the game with the minimum numbers. Thus, by choosing one number among all possible numbers, your odds of success are 1:4, since 20 numbers will be winning.

Two Numbers

If you choose to play two numbers, the odds of matching both values in Keno are 1:17. This works if you participate in traditional Keno, where 20 balls are drawn.

Three Numbers

To illustrate, consider a situation where you intend to highlight three numbers on a ticket. In this case, your chances of getting these numbers and winning in keno are approximately 1:73 if all three numbers appear, and 1:8 if at least two numbers are present.

Four Numbers 

Speaking of four numbers in a keno game ticket, note how the pattern of success adds up: a 1:327 likelihood of hitting all four numbers, 1:24 for coincidence of three of the four numbers, and 1:5 for a combination of two of them.

Five Numbers 

In fact, if you make the choice to play 5 numbers, you go all-in: either win a crazy amount of money, or get nothing. Admittedly, the odds of all five numbers falling out are extremely low, but they do exist, and in that case you’ll take a huge prize. 

The odds are 1:1,551 for five numbers, 1:83 for four, and 1:12 for three.

Further bets on the big numbers will be formed in a similar way: falling out at once all the numbers will have a very small chance, for example, six numbers – 1:7,753, and 7 – 1:40,980. But if luck is with you, you are very likely to be able to guess some of the denoted numbers. 

Also, try exploring other variations of Keno that depart from the traditional 80 to 20 system. Some of these can be very entertaining and also provide good free attempts. Try your luck again and again, and pretty soon you’ll see what you’ve worked for – Keno odds will become your real victory. 

Online Versions Of Keno

Single Card Keno

It is a one-time game where you choose the numbers of your choice for one round. Rewards are available and a new game starts from the very beginning.

Multi-Card Keno

Another common type of keno, which makes your numbers participate in multiple games (e.g. 4 Card Keno or 20 Card Keno). Every bet and number is replicated during the course of two or more rounds.

With this form of keno, you have better opportunities to win, but it can also cost you a lot more in the case of losing.

Power Keno

Power Keno has one extra feature to standard keno, however it adds more excitement to the process of a game. Your winnings will be increased by a fourfold if the 20th ball you draw coincides with one of your numbers.

This brings an element of thrill to the game being able to totally change a player’s outcome depending on the last number drawn.

Super Keno

Another name for its game is Fire Power Keno, and it introduces the same principle, except the fact that the payout is multiplied four times for the 1st ball instead of the 20th ball.

In fact, there’s no specific distinction between Power Keno and Super Keno, it’s just a matter of preference as to whether you like to get a little action at the very start of the game or keep waiting for the end.

Progressive Jackpot Keno

Bonus Keno by NetEnt and some other keno games provide a progressive jackpot mechanic. The jackpot accumulates with each bet placed and is released either randomly or as a result of a bonus round.

Progressive keno may seem a little difficult from the first sight, but it is worth it to master.

Keno Tips 

Gambling recommendations are not always helpful, especially if they come from your opponents. But in this article, we offer you unique Keno tips on playing that will make you feel more confident and increase your chances of getting a successful result. In fact, it does not matter whether you are an experienced player or a beginner – knowing some of the features of the gameplay will undoubtedly be a big plus. 

Consequently, let’s hurry up and get to grips with the Тop 7 most necessary and important tips for playing Keno. 

Tip 1. Give Preference To The Games With The Highest Payouts

The game of Keno has many variations, accordingly, among them you should choose those that offer you favorable odds for payouts. For example, when comparing land-based and online casinos, it is obvious that the latter offer more favorable odds.

Tip 2. Examine The Odds Of Winning

Before you fully dive into the process, take a moment to get a sense of your chances of winning. Some variations have different odds, so you need to figure out how likely you are to pick the winning number on the card.

Tip 3. Familiarize Yourself With The Terms Of The Game Of Keno

Every game of chance has its own terms for certain game moments, and Keno is no exception, although there are few of them. Knowing them, you will be able to clearly describe the game and feel self-assured. 

Tip 4. Hold Selections From Four To Eight Numbers

These numbers represent the greatest chances of winning a prize, and at the same time a very attractive payout. Going beyond these numbers, you may notice how the frequency of your wins will change for the worse. 

Tip 5. Take Your Time When Playing Keno

This mistake is made very often, as the process of Keno is very fleeting, and in online casinos even more so. Nevertheless, while you are learning and gaining experience, it is best to take your time when betting. On the contrary, think it over carefully and use the pauses to make your preferred choice. 

Tip 6. Concentrate On Hot Or Cold Numbers

Keno uses betting systems that involve selecting bets on the numbers that have actually worked in the previous 5-10 games – these are called Hot Numbers. Conversely, certain numbers that have not brought a win are considered Cold. 

Tip 7. Use Bonuses

There’s no point in turning down gift offers, so make the most of them. That way, you can get extra funds for the game and free opportunities to gain experience. The main thing is to carefully study the requirements and rules of bonuses. 

Well, these points will allow you to achieve good results when playing Keno as quickly as possible and get a high from the process. Be judicious, careful and analytical, and luck will certainly favor you. 

Comparison Of Offline And Online Keno

The comparison of these two significant versions of the game will give you a possibility to take a look at them and choose one which is appropriate exactly for you. 

Offline KenoOnline Keno
Fewer other playersEffortless access to keno games all day long
Complete casino gaming experienceOnline keno available on your mobile phone
Less available in land-based casinosCommonly lower house edge on keno

How We Review Online Keno Casinos

Thorough research is conducted by our skilled online keno experts on all the online casinos we verify. Every recommended gaming site specializing in keno should provide the following:

Licensing And Certification

It’s a must for reliable casinos to have reputable licenses like Malta Gaming Authority and/or UKGC license and the eCOGRA Seal. It’s a reflection of quality and security for the clients. 

Choice Of Keno Games

The online casinos with our recommendation are to provide a large selection of the best online keno games from the leading software developers in the industry.

Bank Payment Methods

We only select online keno casinos that can propose a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, from credit cards to e-wallets, bitcoins and more.

Security And Protection

The use of advanced and highly efficient security and protection systems with state-of-the-art SSL encryption, firewalls and other measures means all for us. The goal we pursue is to protect you and your personal data.

Promotions And Bonuses

Starting from welcome offers and free spins and finishing with VIP programs for regular customers – we are looking forward to the service of top-quality with a broad variety of bonuses.


Keno is a casino game with lottery figures. Players pick between 1 and 20 numbers. The 20 numbers are then selected from a draw pool of 80 and players win when one or more of their numbers coincide.

Yes, exactly. Online casinos are legal in Canada if they are foreign owned or licensed by the territory of Kahnawake. Therefore, there are plenty of online casinos in Canada at which you can play keno. 

No. Playing at a reputable online casino, keno is played with the help of random number generators (RNGs) to convince you that all games are completely random. Each number has the same chance of being drawn in every single game.

A number of online keno games have a list of “hot” numbers, meaning the most commonly drawn numbers. These five hot keno numbers include: 23, 34, 72, 1 і 4. In reality, there is no specific sequence, however. No single number appears more or less than any other over time, the result of each draw is entirely coincidental.

When it comes to choice of online casinos, there are lots of options accessible to players in Canada and the following are our actual top five:

  • JackpotCity
  • Spin Casino
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Betway Casino
  • Europa Casino

Yes, certainly. Whenever you play keno online for real money or with a bonus or promotion, you will be awarded funds back in case you win. This can be used to continue playing keno or withdrawn from your account ( providing you meet the wagering requirements of the bonus, if any).

Yes, definitely. The majority of gambling sites do provide demo versions or free online casino games once you have registered for some games. Playing free keno first gives you the ability to practice your skills and get accustomed to the game before betting for real money.

The odds and return to player (RTP) percentage in online keno differ according to the amount of bets placed by the player.

The payout percentage for one guess is 50%, while for two and three guesses it is approximately 60%. Five guesses give just over 67%, and for eight, nine and 10 guesses, this figure drops to 60%.

The answer is yes. Several keno games, such as NetEnt’s Bonus Keno, allow players to enjoy a progressive jackpot. This jackpot is generally won as a result of a bonus game, but it can be activated on occasion.

When you match the number(s) of your choice with the number(s) drawn at random, you win online keno.

Various keno games accommodate a number of play styles. If you’re looking for a fast and easy game, Single Card Keno is perfect for you.

Multi-card keno is meant for those who enjoy a longer game, meanwhile Power and Super Keno are for players who like an additional level of thrill and a big chance to make a big win.

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